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On the 6th October 2016, VCL published its monthly note. This included the publication of VCL's CEO, Martin Wood's monthly comment, as well as this month's six resource stocks of interest, which can be seen on the Short Note page.

"I’m still trying to be amused by the US election. Naturally, as a non-American citizen I can’t vote, so my interest is purely academic, but still, I feel my sense of mirth being gently edged out by an uneasy queasy feeling.

When Trump started he was on the comedy channels and now he is in a two horse race where both jockeys are unfit to win the race. Trump leading the free world – a month ago it made me giggle, now it makes me shudder a little.

Part of my discomfort is that I kinda agree with some of what he says – I too am sick of politicians that have never had any real job experience outside of politics, I am sick of the slick orators with the snappy soundbite, I am sick of the blatant corruption of the political elites (not something confined to the Clintons, but a global issue). I also understand that we get the politicians we deserve, so I am not surprised by the rise of the likes of Trump and Farage. I know I could never go into politics because I am happy in the (relatively) gentile surroundings of the junior resource market. But even so, I can’t help thinking that although I know the democratic world needs A medicine, to cure politics of its many diseases, does it really have to be THIS one, where the side effects maybe be as bad as the cure?


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