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On the 4th March 2016, VCL published its monthly note. This included the publication of VCL's CEO, Martin Wood's monthly comment, as well as this month's six resource stocks of interest, which can be seen on the Short Note page, plus a topical cartoon.

"The Canadian junior resource market is in some ways a creature of habit. For as long as I can remember, PDAC has coincided with the closing of the spring funding window. Capital comes out to play in early new year and there follows a feverish January and February of financings. But if you haven't got your funds by PDAC - well, it’s gonna be a cold summer!

But this year something different happened, (perhaps not for the first time in the history of the PDAC, but I think in the nineteen years I have been attending). The new year did not see a burst of junior financings, the market stayed asleep, only spluttering into reluctant life last month. So we have an opportunity here. Maybe, just maybe, we won’t see the curse of PDAC this year, perhaps the market will run through March and on into spring? Here's hoping. Or is the PDAC fall back so entrenched that it has become a self-fulfilling prophecy? We shall soon see."